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It's Not About Hate

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Sunday, June 8th, 2003
6:59 pm

i dont kno why u ppl are fukkin here if u dont want to have a CIVIL FUKKIN DISCUSION about black ppl . u cock gobblin fagot ass bitches STAY THE FUCK OUT A MY JOURNAL CALLIN ME A RACEIST JUST CUZ IM IN THIS COMM. i go out w/ black dudes all the time ; yes i have been RAPED by people of ALL COLORS . i am NOT a fukkin RACEIST so SHUT THE FUCK UP CUZ I AM NOT LEAVIN THIS FUKKIN COMM .im jus tryin to learn n b progressive n acceptive.......fuck u intolerent hippocrates!

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Wednesday, June 4th, 2003
11:08 am - Not A Racist

Am I racist? NO YOU DUMB FUCK. My father was MIXED- discriminated by both black and white people because of it. Which makes me a quarter African-American, amongst other things. How does it make sense?

Yoiu know what? Black people harass me all the time. So do Asians. So do WHITES.

And BlackPanther is a fucking BLACK SUPREMIST GROUP. Are you going to judge the entire race for a freaking extremist supremist group? Why don't yuou check your resources FIRST? Do you think all black people are like this? If so- let me tell you how fucked up and ignorant you are. Racism is not a natural thing. It is a fucking MENTAL DISORDER, called xenophobia. You saying that black people suck because of something you found on Black Panther, (which many African Americans are against now-a-days), is like a black person saying that white people suck because of the KKK. In makes NO GODDAMN SENSE.

Oh sure, I'll agree- rap sucks. It's suddenly cool to be ghetto. I disagree with that. I honestly do- but I'd be just the same way if it was cool to listen to J-pop and wear clothes with Japanese or Chinese characters on it, or to wear Banana Republic clothes and listen to Hootie and the Blow Fish.

But you people bitching out black people just because they want their goddamn rights is just as good as yelling at women who want to get paid equal to men. they're a minroty- out society keeps on ripping on them. And just because the teen youth of today think that being just like Ja Rule is cool does not mean that employers feel the same way. They still cut back on pay checks for African-Americans, under-employ them- just like they do with women. So, any feminists, or feminist-sympathetics out there? The women situation is JUST the same as the African-Americans. Or Jews. Or Native Americans, or Hispanics.

Now, one thing that does not make sense to me, is the whole, "Oh pity me! I'm jewish-Asian and I can't vote! PITY ME!!!" bullshit. Oh yes, I have no doubt that you've had your hard times- EVERYBODY does. And I'll agree- African-Americans have more of a tendency to act in violence- but it' at a LESSER rate than white people. Naturally, I'd agree with your whole "Mission Statement" if it was aimed at people who want more rights in general- but you're fucking hating on African Americans, when homosexuals (which I do not hate against because I myself am bisexual, and have many homosexual friends), have more rights than the average, democratic, white male. And yes, it sucks that job employers do that- it really does- but think of how many people have sued them in the past because of ACTUALLY being prejudiced against somebody who wanted that job?

Here are my main beefs with this communtiy:

*You are grossly mistaken if by quoting the Black panther webpage, you think you are proving how misguided and bad African-Americans are- because they are a fucking supremist group- much like the KKK.

*You are mostly bitching about the music black people listen to, the foods they supposedly ALL enjoy, without taking into consideration that not ALL black people are like this. Just like not all white people are preppy fucking republicans who shop at OLD NAVY and the banana republic, just like not all native Americans smoke mirajuana and work at casinos, just like not all Asians obssess over getting good grades and watching anime, just like not all jews are in arranged marriages, and not all buddhist sit on their asses in yoga all day. This site is based on STEREOTYPES. You all claim to hate the stereotypes placed upon you (whether your white, asian, jewish, whatever) by black people, why complain when you are also making stereotypes on them? Fuck, if I was fully black, lived near you people, and had to put up with your racist b.s. all day, I'd want to drive by shoot your town too! Damn, people!

*here's some advice that none of you seem to want to comply to: If you want others to change, you yourself must change first. But all of you are happioly sitting here and bitching about the great injustices brought to you- when you guys would like to bring injustice to others! How much sense does that make? Don't you think that if we just LET all people in America have their equal rights, do their own thing, live in their own lives- people of minortiy wouldn't have anything to bitch about? Just think of all the possibilities! You stop bitching and try to get equal rights for all- THEY stop bitching! Oh, the beauty of all! But you all have that stupid fucking American tendency to want to fuck things up just as they're getting good. Let's just segregate all the races again.

*One last thing- this community proves nothing. Absolutely nothing. And you can sit there and say, "One time this black person did (such) and (such) to me and man did it suck!" all the fuck you want- you are proving and stating nothing but shit you heard from poor people on welfare and black supremist webpages. It's just sad really, I'd laugh if it was just one person being ignorant, but there's a good 5 people here bitching about this stuff. Anti-amnesty assholes that you are, you believe that by dissing black people and bringing them down all over again will help.

Oh, and to the last pussy who took the comments option off- I'm making sure I give you all something to reply to. I am not afraid of what any of you assholes think- I post here to try to bring some fucking common sense into your dead-weight-must-hate brains. So go ahead. Hate on me. And to whoever owns this piece of shit communtiy- take me off of the list- I don't care. I don't fear it, I don't fear you.

So bring it on.


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Thursday, June 5th, 2003
9:13 pm - final
seven_days the purpose of this community is lost
all of you people that are intent on proving my point have done so well.

everyday white people are bashed OPENLY by black people
everyday asian people are bashed OPENLY by black people
everyday jewish people are bashed OPENLY by black people
everyday hispanic people are bashed OPENLY by black people

everyday a white person is called racist for thinking this is wrong
everyday an asian person is harassed by a black person and can do nothing about it
everyday jewish people are the brunt of racial attacks by black muslims
but we hear none of this

a black boy is killed by a white guy even if by accident HATE CRIME
a white guy is killed by 3 black guys just because he's white A RESULT OF BEING UNDERPRIVLEDGED
an asian man is robbed at gunpoint and then shot in the head by some black piece of trash 1 TO 5 SERVED
reverse the situation LIFE IN PRISON

al sharpton: "over 85% of the prison population is black" he blames this on racial discrimination
could it be that blacks are committing 85% of the crimes?

BET: Black Entertainment Television
FEBRUARY: Black History Month
THE BLACK PANTHERS: not a hate group...an orginization

where is White Entertainment Television? Miss White America? Miss White Universe? White History Month?
you don't see them? it's because they aren't there and never will be because that would be racially unfair to have anything just for white people.

why do i compare whites and blacks? because that's ALWAYS been the comparison in this country. because whites and blacks are BOTH the MAJORITY in this country. because I AM WHITE, I see things from a white perspective. because how often do you hear of japanese on white crime? how often do you hear of chinese on mexican crime? because when was the last time you heard about a black on white HATE CRIME on the news??? what about white on black??? you really think blacks don't kill or injure white people just because they are white?

http://www.blackpanther.org ----- read the mission statement wanna save some time....this is it We want white people and the government to leave us alone and stay out of our affairs but we want them to give us free money and places to live first"......sound a little dumb to anyone else?

will any of you wake up before it's too late??

take a look at africa. what parts of africa are thriving? what groups of people are predominant there?

all of you black people that bitch about slavery. take a look at your "mother land". would you want to be there? if it weren't for your ancestors suffering then that's exactly where you would be. be proud they endured what they did. don't discrace their memory by acting like you still belong there.

why is it that most PREDOMINANTLY black areas are slums or ghettos but they weren't that way until they were PREDOMINATLY black areas?
why is it that black people can't afford nice homes but they can afford cars with 5000 dollars worth of wheels and tires, 2000 dollars worth of sound system, 8000 dollars worth of chameleon paint job????? why is it that black people can afford tommy hilfiger clothes? sean john? fubu? phat farm? some of the most expensive everyday clothes on the market?????

whose favor does affirmative action work in if not for blacks??? it certainly does no one else any good

why can black people say cracker, whitey and honky but white people can't say nigger? aren't they all racial slurs?

do any of you even remember who reginald denny is (without having to look it up)???? what about rodney king??

there is an NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and a NAAWP (National Association for the Advancement of White People)....why do you never hear about the NAAWP on the news???

why is it that The Black Panthers can hold rallys on school grounds? why is it that they can RECRUIT MEMBERS on school grounds? do you really think the KKK could do this??? they are the same group.....just for different races..............the black panthers are basically a black KKK.........

do any of you know that the KKK used to hang white people also?? did you know that they used to carry out due punishment on WHITE child molestors, rapists, murderers????? do any of you know that the KKK used to beat the shit out of any WHITE man they heard had beat his wife????

have any of you ever read The Slave Narratives?

am i racist?? YES
are you??? YES!!!!!!!
do you know it???? YES!!!!
are you scared to admit it??? YES!!!!!
why??? because you are scared of society labeling you a racist!
why??? because this country is pussified.

do i think it's wrong for a black person to hate me because i'm white??? FUCK NO!
do i think it's wrong for me to hate a black person because they are black??? FUCK NO!
do i think it's wrong that they can say it and I can't without being labelled a piece of shit??? FUCK YES!!!

will there ever be a racial revolution???
what colors will the sides be?

what group is the only one that has the right to bitch in this country?? THE INDIANS!!!!
and it wasn't only whites that fucked them over....they got the shaft all the way around and they will NEVER come out of it.

do black people have it as hard as they say?? NO
do white people have it as easy as black people think?? NO

how many of you white people that are bitching about us being racist would walk through harlem alone at night?
how many of you would walk through atlanta's slums at night?
how many of you would walk through ANY project alone at night?

why is it that most of the community members are only here to bash the community? to have something to do maybe? to make you feel just a little bit better about yourself? denial of the obvious? maybe because you have been told your whole life how bad it is to dislike black people???

would any of you really care if this community was anti-japanese?????? i doubt it

black people are the spoiled children of the United States.

all you fucking weak hearted, weak minded and just overall WEAK politically "correct" liberals in here bash this community all you want. bash this post all you want.

one day everyone will see that just maybe us "stupid racist rednecks" or what the fuck ever you wanna call us may not have been so damn stupid.

this is my last post in this community i believe.
the community has served it's purpose.
it has proven everything that was said in the user info to be true

thank you to all that have criticized us for being tired of being run over by blacks.
thank you to all of you that have called us "assholes", "rednecks", "piece of shit" "trash" or whatever else just because we are tired of black people being unjustly praised

you have proven my point for me
ANYONE in this country that isn't black or doesn't praise blacks is automatically labeled as a piece of shit
we don't have the right to say what we want
we don't have the right to believe what we want
we don't have the right to our feelings
we don't have the right to our opinions
UNLESS we want to be criticized.

the political correctness of this country is disgusting
liberals are disgusting
the 60's ruined this country
affirmative action ruined this country
liberals are RUINING this country

white people are pussies
white people are push overs
white people pity too much
white people give and give and give

keep pushing us
keep pushing the asians
keep pushing the jews
keep pushing the hispanics
keep fucking us over
keep giving us the short end of the stick
we won't take it forever

black people don't know a good thing when they see it


enjoy it.

it won't last forever
Monday, June 2nd, 2003
12:20 pm

i'd strongly suggest that this journal changed its 'mission' to a more non race specific anti-reverse racism stance, as many people are going to misinterpret its purpouse due to the wording on the userinfo bio.

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Wednesday, May 28th, 2003
3:02 pm - This is PATHETIC.

This is the saddest, saddest livejournal community I have ever seen. I've seen ONE intelligent entry in the entire thing, the rest is about hating african americans. -_- WTF?! It's supposed to be a community about anti-favoritism towards african american's... but they're all like, "WHY DO BLACKS LIKE FRIED CHICKEN AND KOOLAID LOL THAT JUST BUGS ME!" -_- How more fucking lame can you get? Let's ALL just create a lj community in which we bitch about how certain aspects of SOME MEMBERS of another race annoy us. Aren't we all big mature people? But you know what? I want to create one about WHITE people. WHITE, CHRISTIAN, UPPER UPPER CLASS, RICH LITTLE FUCKS THAT GET ALL THE FUCKING POWER BECAUSE THEY'RE OH SO SPECIAL AND GET LOTSA MONEY! Because you know what bugs me about white people? How they ALL like ice cream and coffee! LOL! WTF is up with that?! Why would what african americans like to EAT bother you? And not even ALL african americans- SOME.

And do you think that it's african american's fault that they view this this way? true, they have their qual right snow, but there is STILL discrimination. Why should they stop bitching if the discrimination is still going on? Exactly. They shouldn't. There's a very good quote (paraphrased) from a Chris Rock CD:

"Everybody's angry. And you know who's the angriest? White people. They're ALL pissed off. EVERYBODY'S pissed off. You got black people shoutin' RACISM. You got white people shoutin' ANTI-RACISM."

Why don't we all stop fucking dwelling on the annoyances. I know of no black person who wants more rights than white people. NONE. You know who are doing this? OUR FUCKING GOVERNMENT IS. You want to blame somebody for the supposed favoritism towards african americans, turn to your fucking representatives, your political leaders, not everyday fucking african americans trying to live out their goddamn life. I'm sure they have enough problems (like the rest of us), without you assholes up in their face accuseing them of taking away your rights. FUCK YOU.

You are all pathetic.


PS: Feel free to flame me, or whatever you mature children would like to do. I COULD use a laugh.

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Saturday, May 24th, 2003
8:54 am - ROFL!!! LOLZ LMAO!! O_O


Why do black people like fried chicken so much? And red koolaid?! That annoys me!

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Thursday, May 22nd, 2003
8:12 am - pot calling the kettle black.....i bet this is a racist statement too huh?
seven_days what's really amazing is that this community was honestly started to be a serious DISCUSSION based community. Everyone is supposed to have their rights to express whatever opinions they feel in this country I believe (at least for the time being......)

yet, all that has happened is a bunch of ignorant HATEFUL people have repeatedly come here to talk about us "fucking stupid hateful racists" and the like.

1....NO ONE has posted anything at all being hatefully racist yet the posts that have been replied to have been replied to with hateful "you fucking racist" replies.....which is what is to be expected i supposed with all the TRUE ignorance flowing in this country today.

2....if you don't like anything that's being said here, DON'T COME, if you aren't gonna post stuff that's actually halfway thought out DON'T COME, if you are just gonna be an ignorant ass DON'T COME

3.....it's okay for all the so called minority black folks out there to say ANYTHING they want about white people(and every other race) and it's perfectly fine for them (don't believe this? watch ANY black comedian, most of there routine is making fun of white people and doing that STUPID FUCKING white person voice they do which sounds nothing like ANY white person I know and I know plenty.) yet I try to start a CIVIL discussion community (just because you don't agree with the idea of the community doesn't mean it's not a civil community, what makes it not civil is when YOU ALL come in here and sling your insults, i guess you are just showing your real selves.) and everyone that joins is a "fucking ignorant racist". The real irony of this is, NO ONE HAS EVER SAID ANYTHING YET!!! much less anything that's fucking ingorant and racist yet just for joining they are automatically ignorant fucking racists.....go figure. This just goes to show EXACTLY the ways of this country and proves the need and point of this whole community.

once again i'd just like to say....if you don't like what's said here and all you can do is being a fucking stupid asshole/bitch in your replies, then don't even fucking bother coming because you aren't contributing anything to anything or anyone and you just make yourselves look bad.

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1:24 am - hey i'm not racist either
seven_days ever hear any black women sitting around talking about best ways to cheat the welfare system? i hear them all the time talking about how much money they get and how easy it is to get more....doesn't this piss any of you off?? even just a little?

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Monday, May 19th, 2003
6:09 am - New Community
seven_days This is a new community for any of you out there who are anti-black favortism irregardless of your color. This community isn't for anyone to come posting stuff such as "i hate niggers". We all hate and it is natural but that's not the purpose of this community. This community is about coming together and professing our frustration with the special treatment black receive simply because they are black. Read the info for more details about the community purpose.

Once again, don't just come in here and bash, there is no reason for that here.

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