Pablo Honey (seven_days) wrote in not_about_hate,
Pablo Honey

pot calling the kettle black.....i bet this is a racist statement too huh?

what's really amazing is that this community was honestly started to be a serious DISCUSSION based community. Everyone is supposed to have their rights to express whatever opinions they feel in this country I believe (at least for the time being......)

yet, all that has happened is a bunch of ignorant HATEFUL people have repeatedly come here to talk about us "fucking stupid hateful racists" and the like.

1....NO ONE has posted anything at all being hatefully racist yet the posts that have been replied to have been replied to with hateful "you fucking racist" replies.....which is what is to be expected i supposed with all the TRUE ignorance flowing in this country today.

2....if you don't like anything that's being said here, DON'T COME, if you aren't gonna post stuff that's actually halfway thought out DON'T COME, if you are just gonna be an ignorant ass DON'T COME's okay for all the so called minority black folks out there to say ANYTHING they want about white people(and every other race) and it's perfectly fine for them (don't believe this? watch ANY black comedian, most of there routine is making fun of white people and doing that STUPID FUCKING white person voice they do which sounds nothing like ANY white person I know and I know plenty.) yet I try to start a CIVIL discussion community (just because you don't agree with the idea of the community doesn't mean it's not a civil community, what makes it not civil is when YOU ALL come in here and sling your insults, i guess you are just showing your real selves.) and everyone that joins is a "fucking ignorant racist". The real irony of this is, NO ONE HAS EVER SAID ANYTHING YET!!! much less anything that's fucking ingorant and racist yet just for joining they are automatically ignorant fucking racists.....go figure. This just goes to show EXACTLY the ways of this country and proves the need and point of this whole community.

once again i'd just like to say....if you don't like what's said here and all you can do is being a fucking stupid asshole/bitch in your replies, then don't even fucking bother coming because you aren't contributing anything to anything or anyone and you just make yourselves look bad.
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I would be really surprised if you really believe that this community isn't a breeding ground for hate so I'm not even going to address that with you.

I will say that you are very bitter and need to start taking control of your life so that you dont' feel so victimized by *trying to keep a straight face* the black favoritism that is sweeping the country. What with black people controlling all the money and the power in this country it's no wonder things don't work out for you.

If you're really interested though, I'd be glad to take a moment sometime to explain why it's far less offensive for black people to find humor in a mainstream society that has always excluded or tokenized them than it is for white people to mock a group of people whose difficulty moving out of poverty and lower class statusesand gaining access to adequate education has much to do with the prejudice and bias of the exponentially more powerful mainstream that would make light of their situation.
I’m white.
And I know white people historically have no right to be proud.
We are traditionally racists, murders, thieves and cowards.
We enslave other people and treat them like shit.
We steal their children, murder their fathers, and rape their mothers.

We have a shitty tared history and there is very little to be proud of.

Black people have every right to stand up for who they are.
To reclaim their rights as human beings and make up for the generations of oppression they have endured.

There are a small percentage of people in every race that will exploit systems set up to help them.
But they are not the majority and they do not give anyone the right to put down an entire race of people based on their actions.

You’re pissed off that people are putting you down for having ‘white pride’ well don’t put other people down for having pride in who they are.
It’s a viscous circle and you’re just fuelling the fire.
shut up u fat whore.
Honey, at one time or another, every single race there is has been enslaved or exploited in some way. I'm not sticking up for the members of this community, I just thought you should know.
You are concentrating on one particular race, that being black people, and generalizing and stereotyping all of them into one pigeonhole.

That makes this community, and you, racist. If you don't like it, then start looking at society as a whole, rather than concentrating solely on one color of skintone and painting them all with the same tarred brush.

Yes, I'm leaving now and I won't come back. I've said my peice when I probably shouldn't have, but this whole concept of a community based on bashing black people being non-racist is laughable at best, completely pathetic and sad at worst.
NONE of the lead posts by people taking this place "seriously" are serious discussions about people trying to assert race privilege.

Read them.

"Have you ever noticed how black people....blahblahblah..."

You want to claim to have a serious intent, post something of intelligence and insight rather than a petty racial slam book.

Until then, you're a racist.