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This is the saddest, saddest livejournal community I have ever seen. I've seen ONE intelligent entry in the entire thing, the rest is about hating african americans. -_- WTF?! It's supposed to be a community about anti-favoritism towards african american's... but they're all like, "WHY DO BLACKS LIKE FRIED CHICKEN AND KOOLAID LOL THAT JUST BUGS ME!" -_- How more fucking lame can you get? Let's ALL just create a lj community in which we bitch about how certain aspects of SOME MEMBERS of another race annoy us. Aren't we all big mature people? But you know what? I want to create one about WHITE people. WHITE, CHRISTIAN, UPPER UPPER CLASS, RICH LITTLE FUCKS THAT GET ALL THE FUCKING POWER BECAUSE THEY'RE OH SO SPECIAL AND GET LOTSA MONEY! Because you know what bugs me about white people? How they ALL like ice cream and coffee! LOL! WTF is up with that?! Why would what african americans like to EAT bother you? And not even ALL african americans- SOME.

And do you think that it's african american's fault that they view this this way? true, they have their qual right snow, but there is STILL discrimination. Why should they stop bitching if the discrimination is still going on? Exactly. They shouldn't. There's a very good quote (paraphrased) from a Chris Rock CD:

"Everybody's angry. And you know who's the angriest? White people. They're ALL pissed off. EVERYBODY'S pissed off. You got black people shoutin' RACISM. You got white people shoutin' ANTI-RACISM."

Why don't we all stop fucking dwelling on the annoyances. I know of no black person who wants more rights than white people. NONE. You know who are doing this? OUR FUCKING GOVERNMENT IS. You want to blame somebody for the supposed favoritism towards african americans, turn to your fucking representatives, your political leaders, not everyday fucking african americans trying to live out their goddamn life. I'm sure they have enough problems (like the rest of us), without you assholes up in their face accuseing them of taking away your rights. FUCK YOU.

You are all pathetic.


PS: Feel free to flame me, or whatever you mature children would like to do. I COULD use a laugh.
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wow, i'm sorry that i have my own views and join a community with people who seem to share them

i, for one, am fucking SICK of affirmative action bullshit. guess what, my ethnicity/ethnic mix makes up about 1 out of every like 4 million people. no lie. find me another asian jew who isn't my brother and i'll eat my socks.

so theoretically... i should have ALL the benefits of affirmative action, no?

try NO.

try asians are the group MOST discriminated against in the united states at this moment.

try i have been denied scholarships and participation in programs for "minorities". Why? "We don't need any more Asians. Or Jews".

try being told "if you were black, we might be able to make an exception but..."

try being not old enough to vote and having no say in your government

try being called a racist when you complain "if hispanics are going to be the largest ethnic minority in 2004, why are we reading yet another book of african-american literature, which is all Ok, but we haven't read a single book of hispanic literature when it's obvious there's great hispanic authors out there?"

try being discriminated against and having your rights denied. because you happen to be asian. because you happen to look middle eastern (which has happened, since i'm part israeli). because you happen to be jewish.

then come back and tell me i'm not being discriminated against. tell me i'm just another white, rich, upperclass girl bitching about how she doesn't get any breaks. then come down and live in the heart of southwest philly with me. go to PUBLIC inner city school with me. take public transit with me every day.

i am not racist, i am just angry that i am being cut the short end of a deal in terms of my education, my opportunities.

forgive the spelling mistakes, feel free to laugh. but remember that people are being wronged by affirmative action, and it's not just rich whites.
Blame the liberal democrats for that. It sucks being white too. We can't have our own music awards, or movie awards. We can't have our own TV station, no WET (White Entertainment Television) for us. No white only school groups or white college funds. And for just being white I'm a racist and somehow I'm responsible for slavery.

Yep... not easy for us whites and Asians...
what i want to see is race and sex blind admissions to colleges, hirings, etc etc etc.

this wouldn't include, say, historically femal-exclusive colleges (IE smith or wellesley) or historicall black colleges (IE spellman or howard). but places like harvard should not even have a "statistical" checkbox for gender and race. figure it out once you take all the top students, regardless of race, gender or anything else other than test scores, ECs, grades, interviews, all that stuff.

You might be interested in that..

I'm too lazy to get very involved in the debate, but you sound a little too bitter. I'm half asian-half white, and personally I've never felt "cut short" in education or opportunities. But hey, you're entitled to your own opinion and I'm sure our upbringings were different.

I must say though, I just don't understand this community. Mostly because it lumps all Black people into one category of people that you seem frustrated with. Especially with the references to "Black music" or "Black women talking about welfare." this isn't targetted at you necessarily, but the community....
The issue is not black people being a minority, because they're a large minority, but the fact that they were shitted on by evil white folks and degraded and dehumanizedand and used as slaves. This gave them a social and economic setback. Even though they were granted "equal rights" in the 1960's, they were not given an equal chance in the beginning. Since we cannot change the past, area's with heavily black populations must be granted reparations. Obviously not in the form of money paid to individuals, but in the form of fixing up public schools and to creating more programs for children in inner-city schools, and hiring more teachers, which inner-city schools obviously need.
Asians and other minority groups have not had a history of slavery and dehumanization, and obviously are richer because they live in nicer communities. Being turned down for being asian just means you are giving someone else the chance who never had the chance. Trust me, there are more opportunities for asians in the job market. Computer companies generally hire mostly asians because of the stereotype that all asians are dedicated and smart. This is not even because it is true, which I'm not argueing or refuting, but because of a stereotype that asians have. Blacks are less likely to be hired, even if they have qualifications equal to or exceeding the job.
So quit your whining, you dont deserve shit because you have not taken as much shit as the african-americans have.

Deleted comment

You're kind of strange. Do you post just to rile people up? It seems like you just like to point out the faults in people's arguments...
Asians and other minority groups have not had a history of slavery and dehumanization, and obviously are richer because they live in nicer communities.
Well.... I always gotta speak up for my people on that one. Don't get me wrong, I agree with most of what you said int he rest of your post, but you can't make that comment about all Asians. In my area, there are plenty of Vietnamese, Hmong, and other southeast Asian immigrants that don't live in nice communities because they came here as refugees, not your standard immigrant.
As for the rest of the Asian population, they do well partially becauset here was such a ban on immigration from Asia in the past, that the people of east Asian descent that are here now are either 3rd-5th generation, or were the educated elite from their countries who could manage to get on the lists of those allowed to emigrate.
Yeah I did say some stupid things that didn't make sense, but I hope I was going in the right direction. I was just kinda pissed off.

Deleted comment

Hrm. As if you have NEVER spelt anything wrong in your ENTIRE, preppy, white, republican fucking klife based around making people feel worthless and useless.


why is it that when the people that belittle this community come in here...all they can spout is bullshit about us being "fucking racist"? or about how all those poor "african-americans" were slaves and shit upon.......OH I's because they are ignorant....

all of us here that are bitching about affirmative action and black people are here bitching because of things we have EXPERIENCED.....things that we see EVERYDAY.....we know what it's like to be where we are....we see how black people are unfairly given shit they don't need or deserve.......we aren't the fucking norm because we aren't praising black people and all of their "suffering"...tell me this...where are the black slaves now???????where are they? they in harlem? in atlanta? los angeles? fucking MOBILE, ALABAMA???? where??? OHHHH..I know...they aren't around......

watch any black movie....
watch any black comedian...
they bitch and moan about how black people are still slaves....BULLSHIT
they rant and rave about how wonderful white people have it....BULLSHIT

try living a life where you are called a racist asshole just because you are white....
try living a life where you can walk into a job interview with a black person and be almost guaranteed that you won't get the job because they almost HAVE to give the job to the black guy because of affirmative action.....

black people have almost everything handed to them...because they are supposedly underprivledged.....HOW??? can't they go to the same school as me??? DON'T THEY??? why is it that there can be 10 white people in a class and 20 black people and when 8 of the 10 white kids make A's but 18 of the 20 black kids fail they fail because they aren't given the same chances??? what subliminal messaging is this that the black kids can't hear but the white kids can that is teaching them but not the blacks?

maybe the problem isn't a white oppressor??? maybe the problem is the fact that blacks have been told that they are underprivledged and that they don't have the same chances as whites (by the likes of Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakahn) so much that they actually are starting to believe it...or even more so...maybe they are just using these excuses to slack ass through life on the meal ticket that is their skin color.....

slavery.....hmmm.....hey long were the jews slaves??? millenia??? how long were blacks slaves?? 100 years??? along every blood line....from somewhere there have been people were the group that had the shortest run at it.....what makes them so damn special??

the shit is over...let it fucking don't deserve don't deserve don't deserve SHIT!!!!!!!! try earning something....

honor your ancestors memory.....stop acting like FUCKING TRASH!!!

would slaves be proud of the blacks of today???
i doubt it
"Everybody's angry. And you know who's the angriest? White people. They're ALL pissed off. EVERYBODY'S pissed off. You got black people shoutin' RACISM. You got white people shoutin' ANTI-RACISM."

first's "you go white people shoutin REVERSE RACISM"

you wanna quote chris rock?? try this one...

"who's more racist? black people or white people? BLACK PEOPLE!...ya know why?? cuz we hate BLACK PEOPLE TOO!!"

or how about this

"fee fi fo figga...boy i hate a nigga!"

I think you need a cookie.