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Not A Racist

Am I racist? NO YOU DUMB FUCK. My father was MIXED- discriminated by both black and white people because of it. Which makes me a quarter African-American, amongst other things. How does it make sense?

Yoiu know what? Black people harass me all the time. So do Asians. So do WHITES.

And BlackPanther is a fucking BLACK SUPREMIST GROUP. Are you going to judge the entire race for a freaking extremist supremist group? Why don't yuou check your resources FIRST? Do you think all black people are like this? If so- let me tell you how fucked up and ignorant you are. Racism is not a natural thing. It is a fucking MENTAL DISORDER, called xenophobia. You saying that black people suck because of something you found on Black Panther, (which many African Americans are against now-a-days), is like a black person saying that white people suck because of the KKK. In makes NO GODDAMN SENSE.

Oh sure, I'll agree- rap sucks. It's suddenly cool to be ghetto. I disagree with that. I honestly do- but I'd be just the same way if it was cool to listen to J-pop and wear clothes with Japanese or Chinese characters on it, or to wear Banana Republic clothes and listen to Hootie and the Blow Fish.

But you people bitching out black people just because they want their goddamn rights is just as good as yelling at women who want to get paid equal to men. they're a minroty- out society keeps on ripping on them. And just because the teen youth of today think that being just like Ja Rule is cool does not mean that employers feel the same way. They still cut back on pay checks for African-Americans, under-employ them- just like they do with women. So, any feminists, or feminist-sympathetics out there? The women situation is JUST the same as the African-Americans. Or Jews. Or Native Americans, or Hispanics.

Now, one thing that does not make sense to me, is the whole, "Oh pity me! I'm jewish-Asian and I can't vote! PITY ME!!!" bullshit. Oh yes, I have no doubt that you've had your hard times- EVERYBODY does. And I'll agree- African-Americans have more of a tendency to act in violence- but it' at a LESSER rate than white people. Naturally, I'd agree with your whole "Mission Statement" if it was aimed at people who want more rights in general- but you're fucking hating on African Americans, when homosexuals (which I do not hate against because I myself am bisexual, and have many homosexual friends), have more rights than the average, democratic, white male. And yes, it sucks that job employers do that- it really does- but think of how many people have sued them in the past because of ACTUALLY being prejudiced against somebody who wanted that job?

Here are my main beefs with this communtiy:

*You are grossly mistaken if by quoting the Black panther webpage, you think you are proving how misguided and bad African-Americans are- because they are a fucking supremist group- much like the KKK.

*You are mostly bitching about the music black people listen to, the foods they supposedly ALL enjoy, without taking into consideration that not ALL black people are like this. Just like not all white people are preppy fucking republicans who shop at OLD NAVY and the banana republic, just like not all native Americans smoke mirajuana and work at casinos, just like not all Asians obssess over getting good grades and watching anime, just like not all jews are in arranged marriages, and not all buddhist sit on their asses in yoga all day. This site is based on STEREOTYPES. You all claim to hate the stereotypes placed upon you (whether your white, asian, jewish, whatever) by black people, why complain when you are also making stereotypes on them? Fuck, if I was fully black, lived near you people, and had to put up with your racist b.s. all day, I'd want to drive by shoot your town too! Damn, people!

*here's some advice that none of you seem to want to comply to: If you want others to change, you yourself must change first. But all of you are happioly sitting here and bitching about the great injustices brought to you- when you guys would like to bring injustice to others! How much sense does that make? Don't you think that if we just LET all people in America have their equal rights, do their own thing, live in their own lives- people of minortiy wouldn't have anything to bitch about? Just think of all the possibilities! You stop bitching and try to get equal rights for all- THEY stop bitching! Oh, the beauty of all! But you all have that stupid fucking American tendency to want to fuck things up just as they're getting good. Let's just segregate all the races again.

*One last thing- this community proves nothing. Absolutely nothing. And you can sit there and say, "One time this black person did (such) and (such) to me and man did it suck!" all the fuck you want- you are proving and stating nothing but shit you heard from poor people on welfare and black supremist webpages. It's just sad really, I'd laugh if it was just one person being ignorant, but there's a good 5 people here bitching about this stuff. Anti-amnesty assholes that you are, you believe that by dissing black people and bringing them down all over again will help.

Oh, and to the last pussy who took the comments option off- I'm making sure I give you all something to reply to. I am not afraid of what any of you assholes think- I post here to try to bring some fucking common sense into your dead-weight-must-hate brains. So go ahead. Hate on me. And to whoever owns this piece of shit communtiy- take me off of the list- I don't care. I don't fear it, I don't fear you.

So bring it on.

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