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This is the saddest, saddest livejournal community I have ever seen. I've seen ONE intelligent entry in the entire thing, the rest is about hating african americans. -_- WTF?! It's supposed to be a community about anti-favoritism towards african american's... but they're all like, "WHY DO BLACKS LIKE FRIED CHICKEN AND KOOLAID LOL THAT JUST BUGS ME!" -_- How more fucking lame can you get? Let's ALL just create a lj community in which we bitch about how certain aspects of SOME MEMBERS of another race annoy us. Aren't we all big mature people? But you know what? I want to create one about WHITE people. WHITE, CHRISTIAN, UPPER UPPER CLASS, RICH LITTLE FUCKS THAT GET ALL THE FUCKING POWER BECAUSE THEY'RE OH SO SPECIAL AND GET LOTSA MONEY! Because you know what bugs me about white people? How they ALL like ice cream and coffee! LOL! WTF is up with that?! Why would what african americans like to EAT bother you? And not even ALL african americans- SOME.

And do you think that it's african american's fault that they view this this way? true, they have their qual right snow, but there is STILL discrimination. Why should they stop bitching if the discrimination is still going on? Exactly. They shouldn't. There's a very good quote (paraphrased) from a Chris Rock CD:

"Everybody's angry. And you know who's the angriest? White people. They're ALL pissed off. EVERYBODY'S pissed off. You got black people shoutin' RACISM. You got white people shoutin' ANTI-RACISM."

Why don't we all stop fucking dwelling on the annoyances. I know of no black person who wants more rights than white people. NONE. You know who are doing this? OUR FUCKING GOVERNMENT IS. You want to blame somebody for the supposed favoritism towards african americans, turn to your fucking representatives, your political leaders, not everyday fucking african americans trying to live out their goddamn life. I'm sure they have enough problems (like the rest of us), without you assholes up in their face accuseing them of taking away your rights. FUCK YOU.

You are all pathetic.


PS: Feel free to flame me, or whatever you mature children would like to do. I COULD use a laugh.
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